A Great Choice For Treating Hair Loss

An easy to use, hands-free technology to stop hair loss and regrow hair.
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Treat Hair Loss From the Comfort of Home.

The DermaScalp Laser Cap is an effective, at-home treatment for treating hair loss. Unlike some treatments, the Laser Cap works for both Men and Women.

The DermaScalp Laser Cap is a Baseball Cap insert that is FDA Cleared to Grow Hair and Treat Hair Loss. Using Low Level Laser Therapy, the DermaScalp Laser Cap treats your patients hair loss with No Pain, No Surgery, and No Side Effects. Best of all, the DermaScalp Laser Cap is simple and convenient to use.

Clinically Proven Technology

The DermaScalp Laser Cap uses Low Level Laser Therapy to treat hair loss.

Clinically proven to regrow hair, Low Level Laser Therapy increases cellular activity to heal the dying hair follicles, resulting in thicker, fuller, healthier looking hair.

Why Use DermaScalp?

Stop Hair Loss

Easy to Use

FDA Cleared

Men & Women

30 Minutes

3 Days per Week

272 Laser Diodes

The DermaScalp Laser Cap utilizes 272 medical grade laser diodes that are embeded in an insert that completely saturates the scalp to maximize the amount of laser energy that can be absorbed during a treatment.